With the UK leaving the EU, many supply chains will be subject to increased customs burdens as well as possible delays and disruption to supply chains if the necessary steps are not taken to prepare for the changes that BREXIT will bring.  Many fruit and vegetable products will now require phytosanitary certification to enter the EU. Within the HANNON Group, we are determined to maintain the resilience of our services to ensure the supply chains of our customers continue to run smoothly.

  • We have established our own dedicated in-house Customs Clearance Team to provide both expertise and to take the burden off our customers by handling consignment customs clearance submissions and documentation
  • Reducing the probability of port delays by utilising fast track Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status
  • Upgrading our current IT systems to manage new import regulations to record EU trade accurately
  • Working with our current customers to advise them of proactive steps they can take to limit the impact on their supply chains

Modifications in the regulation that facilitate the complex logistics might affect the specific timings in which the supply chains work. This could lead to port delays, that eventually would result in reduced shelf-life, augmentation in food waste, increase in the cost of goods and reduced FFV availability.

To talk to us about how BREXIT could impact your supply chain, contact our Head of Legal & Customs Compliance Officer, Donard McCann.

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