Holland is ready to keep Irish goods flowing in the event of No-Deal

It is still unclear what sort of deal if any the UK will strike with the EU. What is clear is that the Netherlands and Rotterdam port are preparing for any eventuality.

Ireland and the Netherlands are likely to be the two countries proportionally most affected by the UK’s exit from the EU whatever form that may take. At HANNON we specialise in direct transport of fresh produce between Ireland and the Netherlands.

Our offices and distribution facilities within the Netherlands are strategically located only a few minutes’ drive from the main ferry terminals of Rotterdam to service our broad range of customers.

On any given day we have in the region of 80 trucks carrying fresh cut flowers, meat, dairy, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables between Holland and Ireland. We also offer direct collections at growers, brokers and exporters’ premises within Holland and Belgium.  The work is highly time-sensitive. Any disruption to the efficiency of the supply line could have a severe impact on our services and it is essential that we work with partners who are prepared and can help us prepare for whatever new customs arrangements the UK’s departure from the EU will bring.

We have been greatly encouraged by the preparations being made within Hoek van Holland and the Port of Rotterdam.  Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and the entry point to the EU for much of Ireland’s goods exports crossing the UK land bridge. It is a key route for our services into northern Europe.

Unlike say Dover, Rotterdam is a deep sea port with plenty of experience in dealing with customs declarations. The port has also invested heavily and recruited hundreds of customs staff to deal with the expected increase in customs declarations. We have been kept well-informed of progress and what is required from us as a transport supplier. We have registered with the Rotterdam’s Portbase system and engaged Dutch customs agents.

The Netherlands is the biggest agrifood exporter in Europe and is preparing accordingly. Holland is ready to keep Irish goods flowing in the event of No-Deal.

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