Getting Started with Customs Clearance

Every day brings an opportunity to develop new markets for your business.  New customs procedures following the UK’s departure from the EU can at first seem daunting.  In reality, once explained, a lot of the new procedures can be straightforward.

Our dedicated Customs Clearance Team is here to help your business get clear advice on what steps you need to take and offer a customs service that helps you and is easy for you to use.

Whether you would like a combined Transport & Customs service or just want help with Customs Only we have the local team here to help.

Get starting is easy – just get in touch today and we will take from there.

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Letter of Authority IconAppointing Hannon as a Customs Agent

HANNON Transport can act as a customs agent on your behalf, but you need to provide us with a Letter of Authority (LOA) to do so.

Download a Letter of Authority.  Once completed, please sign, scan and forward a copy to

Useful information

Links to some other information that might be useful..

HANNON Customs Portal

HANNON Transport has a new portal available to customers which will allow you to easily submit your consignments online and we can take care of the customs arrangements on your behalf.

Get your Commodity Codes organised

Download our handy Commodity Code List Template which will help you start to get your Commodity Codes organised. It is best to start this as soon as you can.

Download Commodity Code List Template

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We are here to help all our customers.  Please feel free to contact the Customs Administration Team if you need any help or would like some more information. We will soon be in contact with customers again to start the roll out of our Online Customs Portal.

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