Groupage and full load delivery of freshly cut flowers

HANNON provides a horticultural product distribution delivery service to garden centres, DIY stores and multiples throughout Ireland everyday on a year round basis.

Such items include pot plants, glazed and ceramic pots, peat and bark, general DIY / gardening items, CC trolleys as well as many other goods found on display at horticultural and DIY retailers.

For an increasing number of businesses, it is important to reduce the number of commercial vehicles making deliveries. This has many advantages from goods-in staffing efficiencies, reductions on environmental impact, and safety with reduced traffic flows.

Furthermore, stock control and reduced wastage is essential for profitability in todays garden centre and retail market. This has resulted in reduced typical order sizes but with a demand for more frequent deliveries in addition to one off large consignments.

Frequently customers will receive deliveries of various items from suppliers from mainland Europe, England and Ireland all from a single truck.  For Hannon, understanding the nature of the product and what is involved in safely and cost effectively making a delivery is what sets us apart from other carriers.

If you operate a horticultural retail outlet and have key suppliers in the UK or on the continent, get in touch with us and we can become your number one transporter.

Groupage and full load delivery of horticultural products

Groupage and full load delivery of freshly cut flowers and horticultural products