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Dual Trailer Road Trains 

For many, planting, gardening and having fresh cut flowers in the house are synonymous with Spring and Summer and sure signs that we have left the long Winter season behind.

Many of us will flock to florists, garden centres and nurseries over the coming weeks and months to buy all manner of plants, bulbs, flowers, shrubs, hedging, climbers, bushes, and trees.

Few end customers will ever give a second thought to the tremendous challenge the transportation of these products pose to the logistics sector and wider supply chain.

Precise temperature control and management is required to maintain the right climate throughout transportation, while different temperature levels may be necessary for different flowers. Humidity levels must also be appropriate, and it must be noted that some types of flowers are not compatible with certain other types of fresh products.

The dual trailer Road Train forms an important specialist element of our fleet assigned to horticultural and fresh flower sectors.

Road Trains provide extra loading metre capacity over standard temperature controlled trailers.  The dual trailer also provides full, physical separation of products within a single load where this is a requirement.

The double trailer layout also provides enhanced configuration options maximising loading and delivery efficiency for groupage loads and for mixing both Standard Pallet and Euro Pallet within one load where required

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For our Horticultural Transport Teams, Spring & Summer are our busiest seasons of the year.

Our specialist transport teams based in Netherlands, Dublin and Northern Ireland will have handled thousands of loads and consignments transporting tens of thousands of pallets and trollies laden with seedlings, potted plants, bedding plants, balcony plants a huge variety of bulbs and flowers for planting.

Our dedicated vehicles with experienced drivers and handling teams deliver Dutch fresh cut flowers, plants and other horticultural products direct from the port to Irish Flower Wholesalers.

Our last mile delivery teams are busy across every corner of Ireland delivering direct to local garden centres and nurseries to ensure that the plants, shrubs and flowers that Irish gardeners will buy during Spring & Summer are delivered just-in-time (JIT) in top condition ready for planting throughout Spring, Summer and early Autumn.


Complex Supply Chain

The complex supply chain required to handle the increased business from garden centres and nurseries and meet the anticipated surge in end customer demand over Spring & Summer will have been set in motion months in advance.


Grower, Wholesale, Logistics & Transport, Gargen Centres & Nurseries - Customer

Growers, wholesalers and logistics partners all work seamlessly together
to ensure horticultural products arrive in top condition
to local garden centres and nurseries across Ireland.


To deliver horticultural products and fresh cut flowers across Ireland in pristine condition takes weeks of work and planning across our Horticultural Transport Teams in Holland and Ireland.

Logistics and transport has a lot of moving parts – quite literally.  To ensure efficient and effective just-in-time (JIT) delivery, our Horticulture Transport & Planning Teams have needed to meticulously resource plan a wide range of tasks that takes expert knowledge and experience.

  • Load Planning
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Ferry Bookings
  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Capacity & Utilisation Optimisation
  • Cross-Docking Optimisation
  • Last-Mile Delivery
  • Real-time Monitoring & Vehicle Tracking
  • Maintaining High Level of Customer Service


Additionally, post-BREXIT (particularly UK landbridge) additional regulations and customs procedures are now in place.  Our in-house Customs Clearance Teams in Holland and Ireland have worked seamlessly with our Transport Teams to ensure products have continued to move across borders without delays.

Dutch growers produce around €7 billion euros worth of flowers and plants every year.  In Spring, Irish consumers thoughts also turn to their gardens and we see demand surge for transport from Holland to Ireland for horticultural products such as bulbs, live plants, foliage, etc.

Holland is the primary origin of horticultural products and flower exports with the UK & Ireland being one of the main destinations.  According to the International Trade Centre trade map, the Netherlands total fresh cut flower and horticultural exports in 2021 was valued at £6.7 billion.

We are specialists in providing a daily import, distribution and delivery service to the Horticultural sector.  We have been transporting horticultural products and fresh cut flowers to Ireland for over 30 years and each year the volume of consignments we have carried to Ireland has increased.

Fast & reliable logistics links with Ireland

The quality and reliability of Dutch horticultural and fresh cut flower production together with its proximity in terms of logistics make it the ideal location for UK and Ireland wholesalers, garden centres, nurseries and supermarkets to meet peaks in demand and off-seasons at home.

Irish horticultural importers are comfortable post-Brexit using a responsive mix of direct ferry and UK landbridge routes with an expectation that transport providers provide integrated customs clearance solutions to dynamically ensure exports move cross-border without delays.


HANNON Transport – Temperature Controlled Logistics – Ireland, UK & Europe

Our highly trained teams operate from bases in Northern Ireland, Rotterdam, Dublin & Paris.  Specialising in deliveries of time-sensitive fresh produce within a fully traceable company-owned network.

We offer the Irish temperature controlled horticultural sectors daily full load (FTL) services with our refrigerated fleet covering all of mainland Europe.  Groupage (LTL) service also available from as little as 1 pallet.


Benelux & northern France to Ireland

HANNON Transport can offer a reliable and cost-effective route for horticultural importers and wholesalers doing business with suppliers in Netherlands.

Our highly experienced team has a long track record of delivering innovative, reliable, and scalable transport solutions.  Whether it’s one pallet, a full load or a multi-load consignment we have the people and resources that can deliver for you.

Typically, we can collect your consignment from your supplier in the Netherlands by 2pm Day 1 and have it delivered to your premises in Ireland for Day 3.

Day 1 Netherlands NL - Day 3 IE Ireland XI Northern Ireland HANNON Transport - Full Load & Groupage Services

Our fully in-house Customs Administration Team provide complete customs administration solutions to ensure products move cross-border without delays.


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