The need to pack plants for transport in a cost efficient manner requires a transport partner with specialist equipment and skilled drivers, as well as the commitment to provide a year round service in what is a very seasonal business.

Understanding the nature of the product and what is involved in safely and cost effectively making a delivery is what sets Hannon apart from other carriers.

Hannon entire refrigerated fleet of both articulated and rigid vehicles all will provide reliable transport for plant growers and brokers. Our over height trailers allow customers to extend the height of their trolleys or pallets maximising value for money, with the security of knowing Hannon staff  will ensure goods are securely locked in place during transit.

Stock control and reduced wastage is essential for profitability in todays garden center and retail market. This has resulted in reduced typical order sizes but with a demand for more frequent deliveries in addition to one off large consignments.

Hannon has changed along with these purchase patterns and has adapted to ensure that regardless of order size, that the delivery is still delivered within one day within Ireland and on day two from Holland or Belgium.