Customer advice in event of ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

Specifically relating to shipments from GB to Rep of Ireland & Northern Ireland of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, plants & seeds

This information is purely to make customers who are currently shipping from GB to Ireland & Northern Ireland aware of possible new procedures in the event of a no deal scenario.

We sincerely hope that a deal is agreed and in the absence of a deal that contingency plans are implemented to prevent the below additional checks and procedures having to take place.

However, it is important that our customers understand the detail in the event of a sudden no deal scenario.  We will also contact all customers by email to provide a copy of this advice.

Asides from the new customs implications where export & import certificates will be required, please see below some very important information regarding phytosanitary shipments from GB to Ireland & Northern Ireland.

We currently provide a service from GB to Ireland & Northern Ireland for these product categories where goods have no phytosanitary check requirements. This means that we can accept orders on day 1 from our customer, ship same day from GB and deliver to Dublin & Belfast areas on day 2.

In the event of a no deal Brexit scenario, there would be interruption to the current supply chain process listed above. This is due to additional documentary requirements and possible inspection checks. Please see below what would be expected in the event of a no deal.


Great Britain, Ireland and EU MainlandThe island of Ireland (North & South) remains in the EU customs territory.


  • Finalise order between GB consignor / Irish consignee]
  • Arrange inspection of goods / phytosanitary cert with APHA (UK Plant Health & Seeds Inspectors)
  • Original phytosanitary certificate to accompany consignment and a scanned copy sent to person completing the TRACES NT pre-notification (Hannon customs department), which must be attached to CHED PP Part 1
  • Place order details for customs papers through Hannon web portal to allow Hannon to notify the Irish Border Inspection Post (as 24-hour prior notice is required to port of arrival)
  • Advise Hannon planning team that order is available for collection with phytosanitary papers in place



  • Hannon will collect
  • Evening day 2 / morning day 3 Hannon will ship from GB to Ireland


  • Morning arrival at Dublin Port. Possible inspection of goods (associated costs from Irish Department of Agriculture Food & Marine)
    Onward delivery (dependent upon release of goods if inspection takes place)

Please be aware that regulations state that where wood packaging material is used to transport goods shipping to Ireland or Northern Ireland from a 3rd country (including gb) that all pallets must be ispm15 compliant, heat treated and have official ISPM 15 Stamp. Checks for this will be in place by the department of agriculture food & marine in Ireland on shipments coming in from GB.

Please familiarise yourself with regulations on wooden packaging material. Apha will not specifically be making these checks in the UK so this is something that must be managed within your own business.

Please note that hannon will be generating and processing the export / import customs paperwork for all groupage shipments. This information will have to be submitted via our web portal on day 1. For full loads you are welcome to look after your own customs procedures if preferred.


Please find contact details below for further enquiries:

If you are not already familiar with new documentary requirements & checks, please get in touch with APHA in the UK and / or Department of Agriculture in Ireland / DAERA in N.Ireland:

UK Plant Health & Seed Inspectors in reference to inspections & phytosanitary certificates-

South Lincolnshire- Richard Hindley –  07899 066725


For more information surrounding BREXIT and how it could impact your business and its supply chain, take a look at our previous BREXIT postings. The links to which can be found HERE.

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